NVIDIA A100 80 GB HBM2e PCIe Tensor Core GPU – Graphics Card 900-21001-0020-100

NVIDIA A100 80GB ‘ Unprecedented Acceleration for World’s Highest-Performing Elastic Data Centers The NVIDIA A100 80GB Tensor Core GPU delivers unprecedented acceleration-at every scale-to power the world’s highest performing elastic data centers for AI, data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. As the engine of the NVIDIA data center platform, A100 provides up to 20x higher performance over the prior NVIDIA Volta generation. A100 can efficiently scale up or be partitioned into seven isolated GPU instances, with Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) providing a unified platform that enables elastic data centers to dynamically adjust to shifting workload demands. A100 is part of the complete NVIDIA data center solution that incorporates building blocks across hardware, networking, software, libraries, and optimized AI models and applications from NGC. Representing the most powerful end-to-end AI and HPC platform for data centers, it allows researchers to deliver real-world results and deploy solutions into production at scale, while allowing IT to optimize the utilization of every available A100 GPU. Given the value ACH/wire transfers are accepted in addition to what the site checkout offers. Please note that cash is accepted but it will be verified by the bank and ID will be required before shipping product, anonymous transactions are simply not feasible with that much cash, making the point since multiple buyers have attempted. These are new in box units with a 3 year warranty. If any questions please reach out. Please note all orders are NCNR, reach out for quantity discounts for orders above 5 pieces. Units are in stock in the US and ship within 5 days of the payment being received. Given the value of the GPU they will ship insured and require signature upon receipt.