Hard Wood BBQ Charcoal


PP bags (Poly-Propylene): 20kg-25kg-30kg;
Carton boxes: 5kg-10kg-15kg-20kg;
Paper bag: 3kg-5kg;

  • Smart Charcoal Briquettes are 100% Natural and Sustainable Restaurant Grade Charcoal.
  • They are ready to cook in 15 minutes and burn for 5+ hours, plus they can easily reach 900 degrees.
  • These barbecue briquettes burn very evenly and consistently, offer the easiest cooking experience, and are super easy to control if you want to go low and slow.
  • Smokeless, Odorless and Chemical-free charcoal is manufactured to the highest quality and contains no tar or toxins, providing pure charcoal flavor to your food.
  • Restaurant Grade Charcoal Briquettes come in 4-20cm pieces of different sizes, also can be cut into smaller pieces, thus making the charcoal surface even for further cooking, so the food will not burn on one side and be processed on the other.