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About Dry Fruits (Date Nuts)

Dates Nuts popularly called by the Hausas as Dabino with mother tree referred to as Date palm tree and botanical name known as Phonex dacylifera originated from Mesopotamia and Egypt.

The main date producing countries of the world are Algeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, while in the Sahel, are Dakar/Senegal to Lake Chad and Sudan. While traveling around the northern states of Nigeria such as Sokoto,Kano,Kaduna and other north eastern states, it is a common sight of traders flaunting different colors of dabino .The fresh dabino appears in either golden yellow or deep purple but are dark brown with honey-like coatings when dry.

Today, dates are enjoyed all over the world in various forms due to its nutritious value. Dates come in different species/variety and are consumed fresh, dry, pitted, and candied, in sweet dishes, savory dishes, and cookies, among others